Saturday, 16 February 2008


No I haven't made the big time but these are some pages I drew from a Hellblazer script by Andy Diggle since I haven't tried drawing much non-2000ad stuff for a while. It's a stricter practice doing gritty non-sci-fi stuff since you can't exaggerate or just simply make stuff up to suit your style, you have to use real mechanics and physics. I have huge respect for those that can make strips like Hellblazer work.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Meet the board

Spent this week creating vector graphics of a criminal board for a forthcoming advertising campaign. I kind of like the way the necessity of using vectors make it a funky 'Cartoon Network'-type style different from my own, which I can't really do going straight to the page. It's fun to tweek lines just by pulling the points rather than rubbing them out and drawing them again. These guys would look good in a Flash animation, here's hoping they may be.