Monday, 5 November 2007

'Earth' Page 1 Pencils

This is a strip I wrote myself though rejected by 2000AD probably as soon as they saw the words 'Reality Television' no problems posting it up here at least and I can submit it to a small press publication as well as using it as an art sample. Perhaps you can get the gist of the story without words...I must admit this isn't the first attempt at drawing it but I decided I wanted to make it as bullet-proof as possibe and a step ahead of my published work, so it's pencilled tighter pretty tight - I've basically been working rough on one sheet of trading paper, then putting another over the top and reworking it tighter and more detailed, much like a literal version of Photoshop layers, that way I don't get too caught up in the details before the layout is right. Only just had the idea of having 'Davinia' in toga and with 2 extra arms, that seems to have livened things up.

The fat bird is of course the Earth Goddess Danu. All comments welcome, page 2 soon!


Steve Denton said...

working into it seems to have really paid off, you've tightened it up and kept a good lively flow, not an easy thing for any one to do.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fabulous !!!!